Communities in Schools

Communities in Schools Program

The goal of the Communities in Schools program is to surround them with a caring community of support. Also, create access to critical resources, like food, housing, healthcare, counseling and remote technologies so they can take charge of the future they want for themselves, their communities, and each other. Many students are facing challenges both inside and outside the classroom. What sets Communities In Schools (CIS) apart is the way they coordinate a comprehensive range of services to support all the needs of these students—academic and non-academic—so they come to school ready to learn.

CIS provides in-school/virtual supports and connects students and families to the community-based resources they need. Our school-based staff, known as site coordinators, bring resources, services, families, and volunteers inside the school to create a community of caring adults who work hand-in-hand with educators to make sure young people have the tools they need to attend school regularly and remain on track to graduation.

Check out the Communities in Schools website to see all the supports and resources available.