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About Cumberland Elementary

Cumberland Elementary provides a school experience focused on giving our students learning opportunities that build the competencies needed for them to succeed throughout their lives.

Through professional development, our teachers have become adept at teaching children to read by applying explicit skills and strategies tailored to our students. Since our recent adoption of a structured ELA curriculum, teachers are implementing literacy lessons that require students to interact with complex text through Socratic Seminar, authentic writing projects, and robust speaking opportunities. Math instruction emphasizes the mastery of math concepts, problem solving and authentic concept application. Our students study social studies and science with the use Science Kits that accompany each science unit explored, and integrated SS Weekly readings.

We are using Social Emotional Learning (SEL) practices to develop a kinder, gentler community at Cumberland ES. This year we have partnered with Community In Schools (CIS) to help further this effort. The focus of the program will be to help us address challenges with attendance and other home issues. It is important that children are in school each day. While they are in school, they should feel safe. We are excited about their involvement.

This is an era of technology and we want Cumberland students to be as ready to thrive in a technological environment as any other high performing and well-prepared student. Presently we are a one-to-one laptop school, where each student has their own laptop. We provide access to several interactive learning websites, which can be customized to meet the needs of an individual student in both math and literacy.

Cumberland also benefits from partnerships with the YMCA Fun Company, Hunt's Pizza, Bordeaux Seventh-Day Adventist, Temple Church, Jack and Jill of America Inc., and a number of other local partners. We are looking to build more relationships with local partners to ensure we are a part of the community.

Cumberland's faculty and staff work together to help ensure the success of our students. We know that each child is a unique individual, and we spend time getting to know each of them. We are honored to be a part of our students' lives at the beginning of their educational journey and we take our charge very seriously.

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7:45 A.M. - 3:00 P.M.

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